Agency site with award ambitions

A visual entity consisting of interactions, parallax, moving text, animations and a great amount of little big details.

Brand new website.

The advertising agency Bubka relies on us for the creation and development of their clients' campaign websites. But in 2019, Bubka approached us with a very special and significant assignment: the creation of their own new website.

Bubka image2
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Branding brought to life.

Bubka created their new own corporate identity. The new website was therefore the icing on their "rebranding cake". The objective was clear: bringing Bubka's new identity to life through a creative digital extension. They provided the fonts, images and colors, and we did our part!

The ultimate goal? A to-the-point site with award-winning potential.

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Next-level experience.

When you visit the new, you can hardly ignore it: The entire website is based on the experience-first principle. It is a visual entity in which interactions, parallax effects, flying copy, animations and a lot of little big details make a huge difference.

But the experience component also goes beyond the design. Performance was essential and users need to feel Bubka's creativity in every little detail. Even potential employees are creatively guided to the best-fitting job, through our job match-maker.

Accelerated and result-oriented process.

Bubka's budgets are not infinite. We therefore adopted a pragmatic approach from the beginning. Since it's almost impossible to translate the digital experience into PDF designs, we decided to skip this step. Jumping from wireframe to development was a budget-friendly and excellent choice for this project!

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Tailor-made, but easy to manage.

Bubka's website is fully tailored to their specific needs. Nevertheless, this doesn't imply that Bubka is unable to adjust their website themselves. We used Craft CMS, a user-friendly backend to keep the website's performance up to date.

This way, Bubka can perfectly update the site by itself and add new things where necessary... without any loss of experience!

And what about the awards?

It was quite a job, but one that paid off. The Bubka website has been awarded several times by various organizations. Their new site received CSS Winner of the day, Mindsparkle Mag Award and an honorable mention on Awwwards. Mission accomplished!