Ik Wacht Mee

The online queue

Convincing influencers, celebrities and Instagram users to join our digital queue.

Time to

Approximately 20,000 people with a disability are currently waiting to receive support from the Flemish government. As a consequence, the waiting time for a social benefit has increased to over 5 years. Onafhankelijk Leven decided to raise awareness of this problem by engaging some fellow NPOs. Time to do something and... wait.

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Highly accessible and to-the-point.

We conceived and created a campaign called #IkWachtMee. The website of this creative campaign is a clear mix of the problem, the story of a waiting family and the photos taken by people in our digital queue. This to-the-point site was driven by an easy-to-understand Instagram campaign. We asked the participants to stand with their back to the camera, take a picture of it, share it on Instagram and tag @IkWachtMee. And so they joined the digital queue.

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A major

A lot of people shared a picture of their back on Instagram. Some local celebrities also joined the digital queue, including Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Dieter Coppens and Siska Schoeters. As a result of this, our waiting line rapidly expanded and the number of people waiting skyrocketed in just a few hours' time.

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A collaborative campaign.

#Ikwachtmee is a shared initiative of Onafhankelijk Leven, KVG, VFG, absoluut vzw, SOM and Vlaams Welzijnsverbond.