Platform Development

Start it

A brand new start-it

Bringing a digital accelerator to the next digital level.

Supporting startups.

Start it @KBC is the place-to-be for pioneering startups. They provide them with support, coaching, answers to their questions, ... and establish relationships between the entrepreneurs within their network. The digital accelerator aims to make startups financially independent by leveraging their contacts. This allows them to grow at a faster pace, without the need to make huge investments.

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Challenge 2: A strong community.

There's quite a lot of information about entrepreneurship and startups available on the internet. However, it might be a better idea to gather the most useful information and entrepreneurs in one place. That's why Start it @KBC wanted to create a private community, where members can find everything and everyone they need.

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One platform, all data.

Automation was key when creating the new website. We automated many processes through several smart connections.

  • HubSpot is the digital backbone of Start it @KBC. That's why all newsletter subscriptions are immediately added to the CRM.
  • And vice versa. The data provided by the inbound marketing tool provides useful content for a few pages.
  • Posted an event to Eventbrite? The platform immediately adds it to the new site's calendar.