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The close collaboration between Antwerp Management School (AMS) and Lunar dates back to several years. Our partnership started with the creation of their previous website. We launched this website, maintained and improved it throughout the years. Recently we extended our partnership and created the new AMS website.

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A digital extension for Antwerp Management School 2.0.

The Antwerp Management School went through an extensive transformation. They moved to their new location in the historic city centre of Antwerp, they changed their logo and corporate identity, ... A new website was therefore an absolute must!

Following an exciting collaboration which lasts for many years now, we were once again selected for the creation of the AMS website. The reason behind this choice is crystal clear: We are familiar with AMS and gained quite a lot of insights. This enables us to deploy a complete process in no time at all.

A partner for... all things digital.

We were involved in the information architecture, design and development of this new website. During the first stage (the information architecture), we immediately faced some challenges. It was, for example, crucial to achieve the required agreements between the different departments. We therefore organized a few focus meetings with these departments. Those sessions resulted in a proposition to which everyone agreed.

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A consistent digital branding.

The new AMS corporate identity has been fully digitized during the design phase. The different AMS target audiences, for instance, each got their own colour, style and photos. These colours and styles form a guideline throughout the huge digital platform.

Afterwards, our developers implemented an extensive integration with Marketing Automation platform HubSpot. This way, the new website became the main hub of AMS' marketing.

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A continuous growth project.

The AMS website currently counts over 1000 pages in different languages. And still we haven't reached the maximum yet, as the sky is the limit. The collaboration between Antwerp Management School and Lunar has therefore become a continuous growth project, in which we launch new features on a monthly basis and perform well-considered optimizations.

This long-term relationship and steady innovation also ensures that AMS always stays one digital step ahead. We know the customer, the project, the process, ... thoroughly. This allows us to deploy new features in a relatively short amount of time.

Content-heavy and award-winning.

The internet is not packed with content-heavy websites which also catch your eye in terms of design. That's something the Jury of International Design Award noticed as well. They awarded the AMS website with a Silver Award in the digital/web design category.