Experience Design


From online visitor to museum visitor

Experience driven Conversion

A brand new FOMU.

FOMU, the Antwerp Photo Museum, has reinvented itself. Over the past few years, they revamped their branding and enhanced their awareness among different relevant target audiences. New image, new style... so a new website was a must!

Fomu image2
Fomu image4

Turning digital users into real-life visitors.

The new website was initially created for people who intend to visit FOMU. It needs to be a connection to turn digital visitors into real-life visitors. That's why we collected all the necessary information (cost price, opening hours, etc.), created an overview of the events and enabled visitors to book a ticket in just a few clicks. In addition, we created a link with UitDatabank, giving FOMU extra visibility on Uit in Vlaanderen.

Fomu image1

Little big visual details.

People visiting the FOMU website will immediately notice it: we paid an enormous amount of attention to animations, transitions and the visual aspect of the website. Additionally, we took care of numerous little big details that take the entire FOMU story to a whole new level. Just to name a few: the direct reference to the opening hours, custom icons and nice animations.

Fomu image5
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Easy to manage.

A visually impressive website is not necessarily difficult to modify. We made sure the FOMU site is easy to manage by the FOMU team. They can use the user-friendly Craft CMS to quickly and efficiently change information, adjust the carousel, add expos, ... In short: we really took all target audiences into account; both internal and external!