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Greystone Recruitment

Optimising a recruitment platform

Optimising a recruitment platform

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Optimising digital presence

Greystone Recruitment operates in the competitive sector of recruitment and finding leads and talent is crucial.
Although Greystone Recruitment grew into a leading player in Belgium in just a few years, the company wanted to further strengthen its digital presence.
To maximise their efforts and improve their competitive position, Greystone Recruitment needed an online platform that was optimised for lead conversion and seamlessly connected to various CRM tools.

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Converting candidates, businesses and recruiters

Greystone caters to 3 target groups, each of which is addressed differently. We defined and targeted the following target groups:

  • Candidates: attracting new leads is the primary goal, and the currency with which Greystone works. We collect these leads thanks to an attractive job offer, and a 'refer a friend' programme
  • Employers: Greystone offers personal recruitment consultants who focus on finding the most suitable candidate for employers. Through testimonials and a personalised blog, we help them tell their story
  • Recruiters: for a fast-growing company in a competitive market, it is essential to convince as many potential applicants as possible of your story. By focusing on events and social media, Greystone can lay down impressive figures of 30% annual growth.
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To help Greystone Recruitment find the best solution, Lunar worked with the company to develop a website built on a strong digital foundation. For this website, Craft CMS was chosen as the CMS technology as it offers a robust and scalable solution. To enable integration with Bullhorn ATS and Sharpspring CRM, we extended the standard form-builder functionality and rebuilt everything under the bonnet.

In addition, we rebuilt all customised templates, subjecting the existing designs to a critical UX review. Using a comprehensive content builder, Greystone Recruitment can now also independently build landing pages that feature forms, banners and modals. Previously, they had to lean on third-party tools for this.

Craft CMS is a CMS platform especially suitable for content-rich websites. It is a scalable and flexible platform that can be adapted to an organisation's specific needs. With the extension of the form-builder functionality, we ensured that Greystone Recruitment can make the necessary integrations with Bullhorn ATS and Sharpspring CRM, so that the website seamlessly integrates with their business processes.

Custom rebuilding of the templates has not only made the website more visually appealing, but also better suited to the needs and wants of the different target audiences. The content builder enables Greystone Recruitment to quickly and easily build landing pages that are optimised for conversion. By investing in these technological solutions, Greystone Recruitment can improve their digital presence and generate more leads.

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Results-driven approach

The optimised website has allowed Greystone Recruitment to take its online presence and internal business processes to the next level. With seamless integration with Bullhorn ATS and Sharpspring CRM, information flows less error-prone throughout the organisation.

Custom rebuilding of the templates has made the website more responsive to the wants and needs of the target audience, and the comprehensive content builder enables Greystone Recruitment to quickly and easily build landing pages optimised for conversion.

Thanks to the smooth collaboration with the product team and open communication between both parties, we have realised a platform that allows the business to scale.