An integrated webshop platform?
Our cup of tea!

Integrated eCommerce Experience

HomeBarista is a well-known distributor within the Belgian coffee business for several years now. They have evolved into a B2B distributor of all kinds of coffee-related products, and want to offer their customers the best possible coffee experience. We therefore created a webshop that facilitates this for both HomeBarista and their clients.

The place to be for coffee-addicts

HomeBarista's online shop is first and foremost intended to serve their B2B customers, but consumers can also place an order on this site. The HomeBarista team wants to bring the best coffee experience to all types of customers. However, a mix of B2B and B2C clients involved a major challenge.

Consumers, different types of customers and companies are all visiting the same website. Each of these customers have their own profile, approach and price agreements. That's why we took care of the entire process: from UX, to design, to development, to the integration of the ERP system... To finally get to the implementation of technical marketing add-ons.

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Connections to simplify the entire process

However, the development in this case was much more complicated than it might appear. HomeBarista closely collaborated with their ERP partner Softnaert over the past few years. The HomeBarista team has manually processed all orders into the system. We developed a powerful connection which turns the entire system in a two-folded one.

This offers a certain amount of advantages:

  • A direct price calculation is available for HomeBarista's different customer types.
  • The permanent integration with Softnaert enables us to insert data into the ERP, but also to leverage it.
  • The smart links ensure that the different tax rates, shipping costs, ... per country are directly shown.
  • The link between the accounts in the webshop and the accounts in the ERP system enables us to divide the customers in tiers. Through the ERP HomeBarista can add custom discounts for each tier on products and delivery.

Briefly summarized: an extremely dynamic structure requiring a lot of calls and refreshes.

Better, faster, stronger

The success of a webshop is of course entirely defined by the online sales volume. We therefore immediately investigated the various conversion options during our UX research. We searched for extra possibilities, eliminated any roadbumps and made sure that website visitors can convert easily. Furthermore, we also made adjustments to increase the website's conversions. 

This approach pays off, as the number of conversions through the web shop has increased exponentially and keeps rising.

That's why the story of this webshop is definitely not ending. Over the next few months we will be working on various extra functions such as chat integration, brand sites, ...