Platform Development

Keolis Travel

Conversion booster with ERP connections

Conversion booster with clever connections

Keolis' name might ring a bell. They are market leader in our country when it comes to touring car rentals. On top of that, they offer (one-day and multi-day) bus tours to travellers, marketed as "Keolis Travel". We created a platform that not only displays the journeys in an attractive way, but also reduces Keolis' manual effort.

A major win-win!

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Smart connections for the travel industry

Many tour operators make use of Servico's SwingLine, a ready-made ERP software to manage travel management. Since Keolis Travel is one of their customers, we aimed to get the most out of this software by creating smart connections:

  • The website's search function has been fully integrated with Servico's database, which significantly increases the displayed results and the accuracy of the filtered data.
  • We make use of Servico’s content in a structured and neatly designed way throughout the entire website.
  • Holidays can be viewed and booked in one single place. Trips that have been booked are automatically transferred to Keolis Travel's ERP and CRM software.
  • The entire content has to be created and managed in just one place. This way we limit the internal workload for Keolis Travel tremendously.

In order to ensure the website's maximum performance, we developed a smart synchronisation between the website and Servico. This means data that doesn't change a lot will be cached locally. Only the data that is processed on-the-fly will be retrieved in real-time. This provides a boost in performance, but also ensures a high uptime.

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Internal integrations

The SwingLine connection is far from the only module with which we connect. We also developed connections with Keolis Travel's ERP system and the CRM package. This is an extra benefit for the Keolis team, which only needs to edit all the information in just one place, but can use it anywhere they want.

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An all-inclusive website

The renewed brand focus as a tour operator was obviously extremely important during the creation of the new Keolis Travel website. This is why we inform visitors and tell them more about Keolis Travel, the things they take care about and why travellers can count on them.

Nevertheless, the new website mainly focuses on the trips that Keolis Travel offers or could offer. Potential customers can easily search for journeys, scroll through the offer or be inspired by the tours. Customers who prefer a tailor-made holiday will receive all the practical information they need.

In this way, the new Keolis Travel site is a platform that informs, inspires and ensures direct conversion among all the different target groups.