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DPG Media - NewsCityAcademy

How to attract new talent during COVID-19?

You have 12h 30m 9s to register

DPG Media is the largest media group with a 24/7 news-cycle in Flanders and perpetually seeking new talent. NewsCityAcademy was an initiative to find new professional newstalent to intrigue the general public

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6 ambitious candidates, 6 months training

DPG Media wanted to convert 6 high potentials into professional news makers within a few months. These young talents can get acquainted with the sector and the media group, develop their own style and at the same time grow into a role within the group.

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Preselections in times of lockdown

So how do you organise face to face interviews in a time of lockdown? Just as meetings, brainstorms or aperos all became more digital, so did the first pre-selection of this application campaign.

The principle was quite straightforward:

At the launch, a large countdown timer was visible on the landing page. Candidates had 10 days to register. Once the clock was set to zero, the online pre-selection process started, with several assignments. Only the strongest candidates went on to the next round. Thus, this application procedure became a digital weight loss race.

Only the people who passed these first pre-selections were invited for a personal interview. There, they were allowed to introduce themselves and prove themselves to the various editorial departments within the newsgroup.

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A flexible digital story

Contrary to common static campaign websites, we constructed a Craft CMS-based project that could continue to evolve.

The DPG Media team was trained to use the full power of the CMS and build forms themselves. In addition, we built an integration with the Qualifio data-platform

This approach allows for DPG to set up and re-use the campaign-website over and over again with different parameters.

Record numbers in record time

In record time, we created the entire back- and front-end of this digital platform. From design to integration and launch we produced a project that brought value to the DPG team and attracted new talent.

After that, DPG Media used their owned channels and platforms to boost the campaign.