Platform Development


Payrolling made easy

Hassle-free temporary assignments without excessive costs.

Payrolling made easy.

Assigning temporary staff is often quite a task. These employees should be registered in the right way, insured and payed out in time, ... It is of course perfectly possible to use a temporary employment agency, but this can be quite expensive.

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All-in-one payrolling solution.

The Payroller team had a clear solution in mind: a single platform in which interim contracts can be easily created and managed. The platform serves businesses in a wide number of ways:

  • Creating your own contracts, 24/7.
  • Compliant DIMONA declaration.
  • Smart performance management.
  • Easier employee management.
  • Lower hiring costs.

Long story short: Payroller would become an extensive platform and quite a challenge to build.

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Complex made easy.

We faced different challenges while creating Payroller. Firstly, we needed to help various user personas. The audience of this tool consists of HR managers, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, (potential) temporary employees, ... Various stakeholders with their own purposes and ways of working.

A smart user experience (UX) was therefore critical. That's why we initially mapped all personas and user flows, validated them during user tests and elaborated them while creating the wireframes. This input was gathered in one clear UI-kit.

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A cost-efficient approach.

Creating a new platform can take a while and involve a lot of money, which might be a hurdle for start-ups. That's why we used a cost-efficient approach while creating Payroller.

Throughout the design phase, we only created the main screens and worked on a digital style guide. The micro-interactions and UX-tweaks were defined by our front end developers during the development phase.