Experience Design

Walkie Talkie

User-friendly experience

Bringing Walkie Talkie's playful personality to life in a real experience website.


A clear challenge, but not immediately an easy job. Experience websites typically require an extensive loading time and offer low user-friendliness. However, Walkie Talkie wanted to maximize user experience. Website visitors need to receive and understand the message in a matter of seconds. (That's the way it goes with walkie-talkies, after all.) The experience should therefore not be at the expense of user-friendliness.

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We joined forces with visual content studio Farmboy. They created several background videos to bring Walkie-Talkie's corporate identity to life. Afterwards, we developed a platform to make these videos stand out.

The videos are loaded asynchronously. This principle is both fast and relatively simple. Asynchronous loading happens in 3 simple steps:
  • Copy is loaded first.
  • Afterwards a static background is displayed.
  • And lastly, the background videos are shown.

This allows visitors to read Walkie Talkie's stories straight away. The visual experience will appear on their screen afterwards.

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Little big

The videos create a general atmosphere, but on top of that we also added the necessary details. They make a huge difference!

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Google <3 Walkie-Talkie.

A rapid loading time is not just beneficial for the users, as performance is also an important ranking factor in Google.

We immediately extended the user-friendliness of the website to its backend. We optimized the CMS to adapt content quickly and efficiently. This allows Walkie-Talkie to continue to evolve on the internet!