Platform Development


Simplify coworking

Coworking management at your fingertips

Next-level coworking management

Running a coworking business or flexible workspace is challenging. It's more than just the location or the bookings. It's an industry where dedicated management makes the difference. Zapfloor makes coworking management efficient and accessible on any screen.

The next step

Scale-up Zapfloor wanted to increase the community experience in coworking spaces. They therefore created an all-in-one platform for flexible workspace management. This platform includes:

  • The possibility to check the availability of rooms and spaces, and to book them right away.
  • Any extra formalities that come with making a booking - such as cancellations or rescheduling - are easy to manage.
  • A powerful tool to automate the entire process of orders, invoices and payments.

Zapfloor simplifies a complex matter, but Zapfloor users were asking for the next step: mobile coworking management on any device.

Zapfloor image1

MVP-mindset in product-development

Lunar has a user-centric approach and rarely builds a full-blown app without doing market research. The idea behind a Minimum Viable Product is to create a cost-efficient basic version of the product to discover the needs of the target audience and validate assumptions. The main difference between a finished product and an MVP is the array of features, not the stability.

We started our research on the existing Zapfloor platform. This showed us that user primarily care about booking-related management. We aligned the MVP with these needs: create a profile, modify it, consult meeting rooms and book them immediately.

Zapfloor image2

A solid foundation for the future

The app was built on the open-source mobile application framework React Native. This environment is a foundation on which we can build in the future. Various new features and integrations ensure that coworking management can be more executed more digital, faster and more efficient.