Digital services to launch experiences

25.10.2019 · 2 min read

We already told you everything about our relaunched brand. But, there’s still something you don’t know yet. The story behind the ‘new’ Lunar is way more than a better logo, fresh branding elements or a stunning website. It’s the result of the insights we gained over the last few years and a shifting way-of-work. The entire transition started by finetuning our services and optimizing our skillset.

Discover how our changed services will change your brand and your audience’s (digital) experiences.

Creativity & technology, what’s in a name?

“We accelerate brands and launch experiences fueled by creativity and technology.”

When visiting our Culture page, you may have stumbled upon the above-mentioned catchphrase. What does it mean for you, your company and clients? We'll be happy to explain!

The first part of this tagline is pretty straightforward. We launch both brands and their products or ideas. We do this by providing a perfect blend of technology and creativity. We predict that creative companies will have to be more innovative, forcing them to embrace technology. On top of that, we notice that one-stop-shops are under pressure, since brands want to get in touch with expert companies.

The relaunch of Lunar is thus our answer to these shifts in our sector. We used to be well-established experts in the areas of online design and digital development. Nowadays, we always want to give our designs and solutions a creative approach. That's why we no longer focus on the 2 services mentioned above.

We have in fact switched from 2 to 4 key services!

The 4 experience-launching pillars of Lunar

We call these 4 Holy Grails of Lunar our "experience-launching services". They are 100% complementary, inextricably related and will ensure a successful launch of a new solution.

We'll list them for you.

Creative direction

The very first step towards a satisfying experience? That's an appropriate, creative and problem-solving approach. After all, a great technological solution starts with a great concept. That's why we come up with innovative ideas, campaigns and solutions that will make a lasting impact. To do so, we primarily make use of...

  • Activation Campaigns
  • Conceptual Creativity

Graphic design

Graphic eye-catching creations have always been one of Lunar's greatest strengths. This is still the case nowadays. Every creative and technological solution we produce needs to be outstanding and offer a seamless experience. For this reason, we help our clients with...

  • Creative Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Interactive Design

Web development

Web development is the backbone of Lunar. Our developers have a wide range of programming skills and an extensive knowledge of different technologies. They help our customers in several different ways:

  • Creative Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development


As part of our vision to launch first-class experiences, branding agency Make-out joined the Lunar family a while ago. They create a branding that seamlessly matches with your business objectives and target audiences.

Creativity & technology in practice

Now, how does a mix of all the above-mentioned services actually look like in reality? We are happy to highlight a few cases in which our experience-launching services are seamlessly blended into each other.