Relaunching Lunar

01.08.2019 · 3 min read

You might have noticed there has been quite a shift in the Lunar constellation over the past few months. New partnerships, a revised strategy and additional services led to our most significant change yet:

We decided to let go of Gravity.

Obviously, we didn't make this decision overnight. Curious to find out more? We summarized the entire story of our renewed brand for you.

5 years of Lunar Gravity in less than 120 words

Lunar Gravity was launched in 2014, and has grown at an amazing pace in this brief amount of time. Today, 20 Lunars are working in our moonbases in Antwerp and Ghent. Over the past five years they primarily focused on inventing, designing and building high-performance and visually impressive digital projects.

This focus paid off.

Interesting brands like VRT, Bridgestone, De Lijn, Woestijnvis, BringMe and Brussels Airlines found their way to our offices. They relied on our experienced team to take their platforms and digital projects to the next level.

Another important boost occurred over the past few months: we took participation in branding studio MAKEOUT.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s quite a fair remark. Lunar Gravity has become a strong brand which aroused positive feelings amongst customers.

There was thus not a single reason to reinvent our brand. Or at least no direct one.

Nevertheless, we do have several long-term reasons to continue as a gravityless brand. We listed the 3 most important ones for you:

1. Our new brand emphasizes our creative approach

We’ve mentioned it before: we always had a strong focus on technology. Our expertise in this area always led to positive responses from our customers and theirs.

Yet we feel it takes more to amaze our target audiences in a digital future. We believe digital is way more than just a website. Together with our clients we want to define the bigger world out there, making it possible for a brand to stand out from the crowd. We therefore aim to create smart, efficient and creative digital experiences. Wondering about the impact of this mix? Our cases provide evidence of this.

2. A collective effort of the Lunar group

Our former visual identity was created in 2014, when Lunar was launched into digital space. While creating this branding, we carefully analyzed our company's objectives at that time.

But these goals have slightly changed since then...

Our branding studio MAKEOUT provided a new perspective to our corporate identity. THe new branding is the result of a collaboration between all the partners in our group, as the Lunar team designed and developed a next-level website.

3. Rocketing our future growth in an ever-changing market

Lunar has evolved from a start-up into a strong and mature company in an ever-changing digital market. We notice that the one-stop-shop model's success started fading. As a result, brands are looking for guidance and solutions from companies with expert knowledge in certain digitale solutions.

We have responded to this challenge during the last few years and professionalized our service offering. Our tweaked name and corresponding identity are designed to emphasize our maturity and versatility as a knowledge centre.

The renewed branding will also support future expansion. After all, it is much easier to grow without gravity!

A brand new brand

We mentioned it a moment ago: our branding experts have been thinking very carefully about the details of our renewed brand. They took every tiny shape, low-profile detail, appropriate color and even convincing text style into account.

The result of their thought-through job? Over twenty pages of clear brand guidelines! We’ll present a sneak peek of this in the next blog. Will you be the first to find out more about our brand? Subscribe to our newsletter right away! 👇