Welcome to the Moonbase

Our young, accepting, and humour-filled environment sets the stage for creativity to flourish and skills to thrive. We're not just coders or designers; we're architects of digital landscapes that empower and inspire.


Your career journey should be as remarkable as the work you produce. At Lunar, we cultivate an environment where your skills and individuality aren't just appreciated—they're celebrated. Here, you're more than a job title; you're a valued contributor to our collective mission.

In the Lunar landscape, hierarchy takes a back seat to collaboration. Choose from an array of impactful projects, team up with a like-minded colleague, and take the reins. We trust your capabilities and stand by you every step of the way.


Ready for the next step?

Defining what to build, and just as importantly, what not to build, is both an art and a science. The early stages of idea validation and refinement are frequently overlooked, often leading to misaligned products and burned backlogs.

Our experienced team of researchers and UX-strategists are able to validate your ideas through user-research and rapid-prototyping. Providing invaluable insights into how your market thinks and acts towards your product.


The Lunar Spirit

The Human Element

At the core of our DNA is a profound emphasis on people. Authentic relationships and human-centered design define our essence. This focus ensures we resonate deeply with both team members and end-users.

Autonomous Synergy

Encoded in our DNA is a spirit of independence. We empower you to own your projects, creating a culture where autonomy and collaboration flourish. This freedom is key to achieving remarkable results.

Relentless Evolution

A relentless drive for growth is woven into our genetic fabric. With dedicated resources for personal and professional development, we aim to be 1% better daily. This adaptability positions us to offer clients the most current solutions.

Informed Imagination

Our DNA intertwines data and creativity. We use insights to fuel innovation, crafting experiences that not only meet but exceed expectations. This blend of data and creativity sets us apart in a crowded digital landscape.

“At Lunar, every person brings a unique story and strength to our team. We believe that by fostering an environment where you can evolve and grow, we empower you to make meaningful contributions that drive our collective success.“

Bavo Lodewyckx

Open roles

We're always looking for talented people, so feel free to submit your application.