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With over ten years of expertise and a diverse portfolio of more than 100 projects, we provide everything necessary to elevate your product idea from inception to market launch and beyond.

Our distinctive approach in research, prototyping, agile development, and go-to-market strategies is designed to position you at the forefront of market innovation, ensuring that your product not only meets but exceeds user expectations.


Defining what to build, and just as importantly, what not to build, is both an art and a science. The early stages of idea validation and refinement are frequently overlooked, often leading to misaligned products and burned backlogs.

Our experienced team of researchers and UX-strategists are able to validate your ideas through user-research and rapid-prototyping. Providing invaluable insights into how your market thinks and acts towards your product.


POC’s, MVP’s &

Our product release tracks are designed to find the perfect balance between quality, efficiency and impact. With our emphasis on crafting the best possible user-experience, we're committed to creating products that resonate with your audience

We specialise in building for the cloud and mobile platforms.

Our popular tracks include a 4-week POC, a 6-week MVP and an 8-week new-build track.

Lunar office


Once your product hits the market, it's crucial to start gathering actual data and make your product leading.

Our continuous track is specifically designed for this phase, offering comprehensive services to scale your product and maintain a competitive edge.

Included in this track are bi-weekly product releases, regular user testing, strategic guidance, stakeholder management, and SLA support.


“Working with Lunar has enabled us to ship twice as fast a we initially intended. Enabling us to incorporate the feedback of our users in an early stage“

Andras Vandersteen
Agency owner

Branding & Gtm Track

In addition to product-development, our daughter companies, MAKEOUT and MAKEWAVES, can support you with the (visual) identity of your brand and go-to-market plan.

These tracks can be seamlessly integrated in one of the above tracks, ​​ensuring a
cohesive and comprehensive approach to your product's journey.

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