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At Lunar we dedicate a lot of our time to R&D because we want to help you deliver the best possible projects. Here you can read about our journey of discovery. 


Maximizing Productivity: The Value of Buffer Time Between Meetings

Discover the value of buffer time and how it can maximize and improve client outcomes. Learn how to implement this simple adjustment for more productivity.

Kristof Sweerts

Enhancing client outcomes with Type safety in Laravel

Enhance client outcomes and streamline your Laravel development process with type safety, and automated transformation of DTOs to TypeScript types.

Niels Quirynen

Senior product engineer


Embracing Unit Testing: A Positive Shift for IT Teams

Explore the crucial role of unit testing in IT: elevating standards, fostering teamwork, and balancing speed with quality for better software development

Gert-Jan Van Cakenbergh

Lunar - Getting started with design thinking
Design Thinking

Getting Started with Design Thinking: A Guide to Innovative Problem-Solving

Explore the transformative power of design thinking with our beginner-friendly guide. Delve into the five stages for innovative problem-solving.

Bavo Lodewyckx

Human Centric Design

Why IT Must Embrace Design for Human-Centric Technology

Discover why IT must prioritize design for effective, human-centric technology solutions, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational errors.

Bavo Lodewyckx

Microsoft finds underwater datacenters are reliable, practical and use energy sustainably
Business Design

Sustainability in Digital Products: beyond the trend: a responsibility

Explore our proactive approach to tech sustainability, as we lead with innovative solutions to set new industry standards.

Glenn Fellows

Design Thinking

Redefining UX: It's Not Just Design, It's Communication

Explore how UX transcends wireframing, focusing on crafting comprehensive user journeys that engage and satisfy at every touchpoint.

Bavo Lodewyckx

Design Thinking

Balancing Vision and Reality: How Validation Drives Product Growth

Explore the power of product-led growth, iterative development, and the bold strategy of 'killing your darlings' for ultimate product success.

Glenn Fellows