Empowering cybersecurity in SME's with Secure Document Management


When Hypervault decided to scale its secure document management platform, Lunar accepted the challenge. The focus? Improved user outcomes for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  Our team completely reimagined the platform using our proven agile approach. Beyond optimizing key existing features, we also worked closely with the Hypervault team to identify and create essential new attributes. Our streamlined workflow allowed for flexibility within the constraints of budget and timeline. Ultimately, Lunar delivered innovative designs in full alignment with Hypervault's goals.

What we did

  • discovery workshops
  • Prototyping and wireframing
  • Product strategy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Laravel & Vue tech stack integration
  • Single-tenancy database setup
  • Advanced front-end encryption 
  • AES-256-GCM Encryption via SRP (Secure Remote Password) protocol
  • Chrome Extension development
  • itsme® Integration
  • Microsoft Azure Integration
  • Performance and Load Testing
  • Launch and Post-launch Support


Our collaboration with Hypervault has resulted in a comprehensive document management platform for SMEs. Hypervault's enhanced platform lets businesses confidently participate in the digital landscape. Without ever compromising data security. We employed banking-level cybersecurity standards and sophisticated encryption methods to safeguard data and achieve GDPR compliance.  We also chose to integrate login methods like itsme® and Microsoft Authenticator into the platform. These trusted tools allow users secure access to their Hypervault workspaces. So they can rest assured that their information will always be protected from online threats.

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In the optimized design, Lunar aimed for a seamless user experience. That included simplified processes for generating and storing passwords, organizing login information, and sharing sensitive business data.

The Hypervault platform now enables easy password sharing and file sharing among team members. We simplified the login process with a powerful browser extension.

All these features enhance collaboration within teams while still maintaining strict access controls.

Password generator

Lunar and Hypervault have partnered to provide SMEs with a powerful and innovative cybersecurity solution. Hypervault's platform, fortified by industry-leading security measures, protects sensitive information from potential threats. Lunar's agile design process enables Hypervault to continuously innovate and scale its product, ensuring the reliable safeguarding of digital assets for businesses of all sizes.

Together, Lunar and Hypervault are helping SMEs navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and meet GDPR standards

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