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From idea validation to growth, we have the skills to set you up for success


At Lunar, we specialise in bringing your product ideas to life and transforming them into industry-leading solutions.

Whether you're a startup looking to validate your first MVP or a well-established corporation aiming to scale, we are here to guide and inspire you through every step.

Our approach involves assembling highly skilled, cross-functional teams tailored to your (project's) needs. With more than 100 projects under management and over 10 years of experience in crafting digital experiences, you can be confident that you're in good hands with Lunar.

+100 Projects
+10 Years
8 Week


Why should I choose Lunar above an in-house team or freelancers?

Every product at Lunar is assigned a dedicated and tailored team of experts with a diverse background and a wide range of skillsets and perspectives. Assembling and managing a team with equal value and output would not only be a very time consuming process, it would also hit your budget hard with recruitment fees. Time and money you are not able to spend on whats important: building your product and changing the market.  


So how do our product teams look? Every productteam at Lunar consists of a mix of product-strategists, researchers, UI designers and developers. Providing you with the outside perspective that is so often missed with internal teams.


Whether you have a vague idea to disrupt your sector, or already have performed extensive market research, our team will help you identify and shape your product resulting in a max-value product roadmap. 

What types of projects do you usually work on?

At Lunar we focus on building products that people love to engage with. We achieve this by placing the at the centre of our production process. Whether it is to validate assumptions or to align business objectives with user needs, or incrementally improve product features; we never forget who we are building for. 


Our portfolio ranges from HR-tech solutions in the B2B space to gamified learning experiences for children in the B2C space. 

How does Lunar's outcome-focused approach drive my business success?

We approach our work with a focus on outcomes to ensure that your new digital products align strategically with your business objectives, drive meaningful results, and deliver a competitive market advantage.

Will I own the intellectual property?

Yes! Your project and all of its features will be yours to use and reuse as you see fit. This transfer of ownership is fairly uncommon since Belgian law dictates that the author of any creative work is by default its owner. At Lunar, we see things differently: we're in the business of creating, delivering, and transferring value. Our standard practice is to transfer IP ownership over to you upon final invoice payment.

What do Lunar’s collaborative process look like?

At Lunar, we leverage dedicated product teams comprised of uniquely qualified experts working in sync to drive innovative solutions for your business. We’ve cultivated a collaborative work environment based around streamlined communication channels, shared knowledge, and proven problem-solving methodologies, all to ensure an efficient workflow and power successful project outcomes.

How much will my project cost?

Each project we create is unique and tailored to your specific needs. We will create a bespoke budget to accommodate key factors like project scope, complexity, required features, and timeline. The project cost will be based on our day rate x number of people in your product-team x number of sprints needed. Burn-rates are always available and frequently discussed in our various agile ceremonies.

How soon will my project be completed?

At Lunar, we strongly believe that software is never “done” and always evolving—both internally through new ideas and features as well as externally through new operating systems, device innovations, etc. The same way Google is never “finished” and your banking app releases regular updates. Despite that constant evolutionary flow, you can expect us to ship (very) often. At the end of every sprint, you’ll have a potential shippable product available. We work towards value and aim to deliver, starting from the very first sprint.
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