A Smarter Payroll Platform Empowering Businesses of All Sizes

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Payrolling plays a critical role in business success, and yet can be complex territory to navigate.

Together with the Payroller team, we envisioned the Payroller platform as a solution that would automate administrative tasks and act as a reliable personal assistant. All while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Since 2016, the Lunar team has been dedicated to the development and continuous improvement of the Payroller platform.
What started as an MVP version of these tools has over time transformed into a mature and scalable payrolling system and notable player in the HR-tech ecosystem.

What we did

  • Discovery workshops
  • Prototyping and wireframing
  • Product strategy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Laravel, Vue & NodeJS tech stack
  • Redis job queuing
  • Responsive web development
  • Custom "Dimona" integration with Belgian Social Security Agency
  • Custom interimsign integration
  • Prato integration (REST API / Azure service bus)
  • Active monitoring with Sentry
  • CI/CD pipeline with Cypress and Github Actions
  • Performance and Load Testing
  • Launch and Post-launch Support
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Vision and customer journey

To digitize the payrolling process, Lunar embarked on a mission to understand every step of the client journey. Our team asked key questions to determine the minimum amount of data necessary for accurate employment declaration. That curiosity also helped us simplify employee sign-up and data management. And it allowed us to create the most effortless process for government registration. Over multiple years, the Lunar team has continued to refine each stage of the process.

Payroller's hyper-efficient platform has successfully reduced the time between contract creation and the start of employment. What once took a full hour of time, is now down to virtually instantaneous.  

Smarter Platform and Automation

At Lunar, our current focus is on making the Payroller platform even smarter by automating and predicting tasks. Our team aims to enhance user experience and efficiency by streamlining processes and leveraging automation.

The ultimate goal? Minimizing the time users spend on the platform. Our dedication to continuous improvement aligns with our mission of reducing user workload through an increasingly advanced platform.

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Key Features

The Payroller platform offers essential features for both business owners and their employees. Owners can register their businesses, create legally binding contracts, define scope of work for temporary staff, and manage employee scheduling. As for employees, they can easily register and access their accounts, view contract details, monitor performance, and access payslips and tax forms. Payroller also has a seamless integration with the Belgian government's Dimona API. This allows for real-time registration of employment contracts and declarations. Finally, digital contract signing via InterimSign eliminates the need for time-consuming in-person appointments.


Collaboration & scalability

Lunar collaborated closely with the Payroller team to build a scalable platform capable of processing thousands of contracts weekly. On an ongoing basis, we ensure compliance with up-to-date regulations. All while developing new features that relieve the burden of time-consuming administrative tasks for businesses of all sizes . The platform we built has become a valuable, time-saving tool for hundreds of small business owners and HR professionals.

Prestaties summary
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Lunar's commitment to our clients is reflected in the work we deliver. We listen to what our client need and we're dedicated to monitoring industry trends in support of those needs. When we create the best possible custom software solutions, we help drive your success. In the case of Payroller, that means establishing a reliable, user-friendly platform. One that will reinforce the company's goals for years to come.

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