Revolutionizing Gen-Z Job Matching

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As a new generation emerges into the workforce, bringing with them a transformed outlook on employment, we have responded by creating a distinct platform and mobile application, meticulously designed for Gen Z individuals in pursuit of temporary job opportunities. This innovative solution, realized through a harmonious blend of a sophisticated design language, Laravel/Vue for the web platform, and React-Native for the mobile application, serves as a bridge between the evolving needs of employers and the aspirations of job seekers.

The platform empowers employers with the ability to post comprehensive job listings, thereby refining the recruitment process. Conversely, the mobile application is a beacon for job seekers, offering them personalized job recommendations that resonate with their unique interests and personality, forging a new path in employment matchmaking

What we did

  • Discovery workshops
  • Prototyping and wireframing
  • Product strategy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Laravel, Vue & React Native tech stack integration
  • Smart matching algorithm development
  • Responsive web development
  • End-to-end-encryption integration
  • Performance and Load Testing
  • Launch and Post-launch Support

With the financial support of the Flemish government (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen) and using the ‘World-famous in Belgium’ Itsme Identity provider, we set up the platform in collaboration with various Cronos-partners.

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Enhanced Job-Matching Experience 

The smart matching algorithm significantly improved the job-matching process, ensuring that employees were connected with assignments that aligned with their interests, skills, personality traits, and proximity to the workplace. This led to higher job satisfaction for employees.

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Efficient Candidate Management 

The platform streamlined the candidate management process for companies, allowing company managers to review candidate profiles, make informed decisions, and select suitable candidates efficiently. This reduced time spent on candidate evaluation and improved the overall hiring process.

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Effective Performance Management

The platform facilitated seamless post-assignment processes, allowing companies to manage employee performance, track actual working hours, approve or disallow expenses, and evaluate employee performance accurately. This streamlined performance management ensured transparency and efficiency.

Personalized Employee Experience

The mobile application provided employees with a user-friendly interface and personalized job recommendations. The ability to receive notifications and access assignment details directly from their mobile devices enhanced their overall experience and engagement.

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What to remember

Efficient Personalised Workflow 

Our solutions focused on optimizing the workflow for both companies and employees, Using our smart matching algorithm and simplifying tasks such as job creation, candidate management, performance tracking, and communication. All this leads to better job matches and higher employee satisfaction.

Seamless Mobile Experience

The mobile application provided a convenient and intuitive interface specifically designed to cater to the needs and preferences of Gen Z individuals, allowing them to access job recommendations, receive notifications, and manage their assignments on the go.

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This project represents a leap forward in connecting a new generation with the future of work, blending cutting-edge Laravel/Vue and React-Native technologies to craft an innovative platform and mobile application, designed to seamlessly link Gen Z individuals with temporary job opportunities, while embedding advanced security and smart algorithms, all underpinned by strategic collaborations and the Flemish government's support.

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